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Welcome to Seagull Brewing, a beer brand born out of our deep-rooted passion for flavours and aromas. Our story begins with Simon and Job, two brothers who grew up with a curiosity for everything related to beer. From a young age, Simon was fascinated by the diverse flavors and aromas found in beer. This fascination led him to start experimenting with brewing, and he did it in none other than the shared space of our house, the attic, where Job also slept. Thus, Job inevitably got acquainted with the world of beer.

The idea for Seagull Brewing emerged from a playful wordplay. Our last name, “Mewe,” sounds similar to the word “meeuw” (seagull in Dutch), which was translated to the English word “Seagull.” And so, the name that would represent our beer brand was born.

What sets Seagull Brewing apart goes beyond just the name. It’s our beautiful labels on the cans that catch the eye. But it’s not just about appearance; it’s all about creating accessible beers that pair excellently with delicious food. We want our beers to be loved by everyone, regardless of their beer experience. As for our beer labels, creativity is clearly a key aspect. They feature fictional seagull species depicted in human situations, bringing a smile to everyone’s face. It reflects the playful and lighthearted atmosphere we aim to create at Seagull Brewing.

At the heart of Seagull Brewing, there are core values that form the foundation of our success. Craftsmanship and creative expression are essential to our process. We strive to ensure that every can of beer is of high quality, both in terms of content and appearance. Our goal is to have people enjoy every moment with our beers.

Our brewing process at Seagull Brewing is traditional and manual, with minimal interference from factory work. Experimenting with new ingredients is a constant part of our adventure, always seeking surprising flavor combinations. Our focus is primarily on accessible beer styles that appeal to a wide audience. Think of a refined tripel, a refreshing witbier, or a rich amber. But our proud flagship is “Grote Burgemeester”, a unique and exquisite tripel that is characteristic of our brewery.

Of course, challenges came on our way as well. At times, we were overly enthusiastic with our experiments, resulting in beers with overpowering herbs that didn’t resonate with everyone’s taste buds. Yet, these challenges have only helped us grow and learn as brewers.

Looking ahead, our ambition at Seagull Brewing is clear. We want to have our beers tasted throughout the Netherlands, allowing as many people as possible to discover our delightful assortment. With two beers under our belt, we aim to grow into a larger core range of at least six beers. With a passion for taste, creativity, and accessibility, we, at Seagull Brewing, are determined to make our mark in the beer world and enchant a broad audience with our delicious beers.

Simon and Job Mewe

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