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Simon is an enthusiastic brewer who developed a passion for flavors and aromas at an early age. Cooking together with his mother and mixing crazy flavors together. This eventually led to him signing up for an extensive beer course at the age of 17. The passion for beer was born. Saving labels, making beer at home, everything passed by. The choice for a study was quickly made. Food technology at HAS University of Applied Sciences. Then a master’s degree in Brewing and Distilling Science in Edinburgh. In Scotland, Simon worked at Barney’s Beer, and since September 2019 at Naeckte Brouwers in Amstelveen.

It was time for an own beer… Simon is the creative mind behind Seagull Brewing and responsible for the taste.


Job’s passion for beer started on the good side of the bar. Fueled by his many travels abroad, Job has gained a lot of inspiration and experience. Visiting countless specialty beer cafes and always tasting new beers has given Job the idea to contribute to the development of beer himself. Because of his study Ocean Technology at the island of Terschelling, Job knows everything about numbers and allows Seagull Brewing to run flawlessly down to the decimal point.

At Seagull Brewing we brew beer everybody should be able to enjoy. Seagull Brewing is founded by the brothers Simon and Job Mewe.

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